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A barge traditionally has been used for the transportation of low value bulk items as such haulage cost is low. These may be self-propelled or moved with the aid of a tugboat. Some barges have cranes mounted to provide heavy deck load services. A tugboat helps vessels manoeuvre in a crowded water channel, for example in port waters or moves vessels that do not have power of their own, for example,… More

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Eng Lee Logistics Pte Ltd managing director founded Express & Distribution Services in 1993 which later restructured into the current Eng Lee Logistics Private Limited in 1997. With just one prime mover in 1993, our company has expanded into owning 20… More

Mantro Marine Services started as a stevedoring business in 1980. Through dedication and hard work, Mantro Marine Services has emerged as one of Singapore's leading stevedoring contractor with Awards presented by the Port of Singapore Authority as an… More

Renting of pusher tug, landing craft, steel barge, jack-up barge and hopper barge.