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Corrosion is the degradation of materials, usually metals when it interacts with the environment. The degradation usually results in deterioration of the physical properties of the metal. The effects of deterioration are many with the major result that the degraded metal or part may lose its effectiveness for safe and efficient operation. This may result in expensive replacements. The control of corrosion… More

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EXPECT NOTHING The HEMPAGUARD® product range offers cost-effective fouling defence coatings for docking intervals up to 90 months. The combination of low friction and effective biocide makes HEMPAGUARD® coatings suitable for any trading pattern as well… More

Connecting decades of experience with a new, smarter approach to port and terminal equipment optimisation, Trelleborg Marine Systems helps to improve real-time and strategic decision making both onshore and on the vessel, in marine environments all over… More

We are a marine & offshore supplier covering the initial start-up of FPSO/FSO projects in engine, deck, electrical, PPE, galley and general consumables. We are supplying engine & deck machineries, equipment including AHU, A/C, pumps, compressor spare… More