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Due to the rugged nature of the industry, protective coatings and specialised paints are required. There are many types of detrimental effects that can happen at sea, such as fouling and corrosion. Fouling is caused by plants and various sea creatures such as barnacles, attaching themselves to marine equipment and seriously impairing their operational efficiency. Since mild steel is used most commonly… More

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EXPECT NOTHING The HEMPAGUARD® product range offers cost-effective fouling defence coatings for docking intervals up to 90 months. The combination of low friction and effective biocide makes HEMPAGUARD® coatings suitable for any trading pattern as well… More

Manufacture & supply of marine industrial & container paints for worldwide services. Leading role played in development of ecologically sound products.   Brand Names: Bannoh Cerabond Cmp Bioclean Nova Permastar Sea Grandprix Seaflo Neo Seajet Thermotac… More