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Marine surveyors conduct examinations, surveys or inspections of vessels to monitor, assess and keep an account of the products they carry as well as the condition of both the vessel and cargo. To keep in compliance with various bodies of specifications or standards, the inspection of equipment is also conducted by marine surveyors. Marine surveyors possess high qualifications and are technically… More

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Marine Audix is a niche marine surveying company headquartered in Singapore that provides a wide range of marine services. Our network has no borders and goes anywhere that the sea could take us. We at Marine Audix conduct the following surveys in accordance… More

CCIC Group of Companies China Certification & Inspection (Group) is an independent legal entity which is incorporated by voluntary enterprises or organisations with China Certification and Inspection (Group) Co., Ltd. Being the parent company. Re-organised… More

Bunker Quantity Survey In accordance and compliant with Singapore Standard Code of Practice for Bunkering SS600 (Latest Edition) & TR48 (Latest Edition) For supply by road tanker *latest service update* On-hire/off-hire survey R.O.B. survey Draft survey… More

Our Services • Bunker Quantity Survey • On-hire/Off-hire R.O.B and Condition Survey • R.O.B Survey • De-bunker Survey • Pipeline Verification Survey • Supervision of Loading & Discharge • Dispute Verifying & Due Diligence Compliance Audit • Oil Loss… More

NKKK established in 1913 is an international survey organisation. Headquarters in Tokyo with office covering Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific. Service to traders, underwriters, ship operators, governments and marine transport related industry. Provides… More

RTBS is a marine survey and operations outsourcing firm, currently performing marine surveys from various reputable classification society, P&I, H&M and local survey company. Asian Gypsy moth inspection Pre-purchase condition survey Insurance P&I & H&M… More

Our Services: • Marine Consultation • Marine Survey & Cargo Inspection • Pre-shipment Inspection • Cargo Weighing & Measuring • Petro-Chemical Superintending • Liquified Gas Inspection • Chemical Analysis • Sampling & Testing • Containers Inspection… More