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Block 2 Bukit Batok Street 24
#02-09 Skytech
Singapore 659480

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Mr Zhou Zimian


Nature of Business

Product Range
Fabrication (Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium)
• Ship's Window, Door, Hatches
• Gangway, Accommodation Ladder
• Ship's Outfitting

• "Hanla IMS"
  a) Total Level Instruments
      - Level Gauge, Level Switch, Content Gauge
      - Cargo Tank Monitoring, Fixed Gas Sampling, Pressure/Vapour Control
      - Water Ingress, Tank Remote Sounding
  b) Valve Remote Control System (Electric, Pneumatic Hydraulic)
  c) Loading Computer System
  d) Ballast Water Management System
• "Remontowa Hydraulic Systems"
  a) WT Sliding Door
  b) Steering Gear
  c) Hydraulic Cylinder
      - Sizes up to Ø 500 and 11000mm stroke
      - Built-in sensors for piston rod stroke measurement
      - Ceramic coating
      - Custom made
• "Bohamet" A60/AO Window, A60/AO WT Door (Hinged), Window Wiper
• "Samjoo" Galley & Kitchen Equipment, Waste Disposal
• "Bergaflex" Window Blind, Sun Screen
• Water Demineralisation (Reverse Osmosis)
   - Fresh Water Maker, Mineraliser, Water Calorifier, UV Water Disinfection Unit
• DHP Heat Exchangers
• Clear View Screen, Side Scuttle
• Fire Rated Doors, Fire Damper & Roller Shutter
• Marine Valve, Strainer, Cargo, Shipside, General
• Oily Water Separator, Sewage Treatment Plant
• Pipes & Fittings - Flanges, Elbow, Tee, Reducer
• Totally Enclosed Lifeboat & Davit
• Anchor Chains & Mooring Fittings (Bollard, Fairlead, Panama Chock)

Import & Export of Marine & Offshore Equipment/Material