CRN/UEN: 199308520D


Nature of Business

Your One-Stop Company For All Your Insulation Needs

Foster Asia Pacific Pte Ltd established in 1993 and is today a market leader in providing all types of insulation material for the Marine & Industrial, Building & Commercial and Export market.

Field of Contracting Services
• Incineration, gas & power generation plant
• Marine & offshore industry
• Petroleum & oil refineries
• Pharmaceutical plant
• Petrochemical plant
• Industrial plant

• KCC Hi-wool marine slab
• Stonewool pipe cover, slab and blanket
• Fiberglass pipe cover, slab and blanket
• Ceramic fiber blanket, board, rope, tape, paper and bulk
• Uniblok, saber bloc, refractories, fire brick and anchoring system
• Fiberglass cloth, tissue, rope lagging and tape
• Calcium silicate pipe cover and slab
• Perlite pipe cover and slab
• Foamglas pipe cover and slab
• Polyurethane and polyisocyanurate pipe cover and slab
• Phenolic pipe cover and slab
• Extruded and expanded polystyrene foam
• Elastomeric foam tubing, sheet and roll
• Wilhams sound barrier PUNF foam sheet
• Insulating and finishing cement
• Foster mastic, sealant and adhesive
• Calcium silicate, gypsum, cement board and fiber cement board
• Aluminium foil, tape, AC flexible duct & 3315 roofing mesh
• Insulation pin, locking washer and glue
• Metal jacketing, banding, tie-wire and fastening accessories

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