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CRN/UEN: 198105549E


Nature of Business

Since 1915, Hempel has been a world-leading coating specialist, providing protection and inspiration to the world. Today, we have over 6,000 people in 80 countries delivering trusted solutions that added value to the customers’ businesses. We supply coatings to protective, marine, industrial, container, yacht industries, bridges, oil rigs, windmills and building. Our trusted solutions are to stay functional and beautiful under extreme conditions for many years.

Hempel worldwide in numbers
• Established since 1915
• Over 6000 employees
• 80 countries
• 27 factories
• 11 R&D Centres
• 600+ coating advisors

South & East Asia
The Hempel South and East Asia organization is headquartered in Singapore, sited in Malaysia, Australia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia and Vietnam. Our coating are manufactured in the 4 strategically located factories (Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, India). Hempel’s products are available to all locations in the region and beyond, supported by our extensive stock points and distribution network.

Products & Services