CRN/UEN: 201724967N

1 Sunview Road
#05-48 Eco-Tech@Sunview
Singapore 627615

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Nature of Business

Hiro Engineering Pte Ltd, a Maritime Firm, offers a comprehensive Maritime Solutions to all ocean-going vessels.

Hiro Engineering Pte Ltd possessed a team of well-trained specialist to deliver quality work in areas such as tank cleaning, hull repairs, insulating and painting works etc.

Our team, with more than 18 years of Maritime experiences, is directly involved in serving all ocean-going vessels in the Singapore Anchorage.

We strongly believed and are confident that our project management system is able to conform to our customers' stringent requirements and expectations.

Having effective and efficient coordination and always in control of our Projects are our company's greatest strength.

As a NEA registered Tank Cleaning Contractor, we are ISO 9001:2015 certified with SAC Accredited Certification and are qualified with bizSAFE Level 4.

We are specialised in:
– Tank Cleaning for Marine Ships
– De-mucking
– De-slopping in IPL and OPL
– Sludge disposals
– Hull and Mechanical Repairs
– Insulation and Panelling Works
– Shipside Name Writing
– Power Tooling Painting
– Blasting and Painting
– Other Ship Repairing and Painting Works

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