CRN/UEN: 200411377R

33 Ubi Avenue 3
#08-34 Vertex Tower B
Singapore 408868

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Mr Gao Hongmin


Nature of Business

Meteorological and Oceanographic Consultancy
  • Weather Station: Our real-time meteorological and oceanographic monitoring system, MOSNet, is capable of integrating the best metocean sensors and providing the collected data via intranet live
  • Metocean Measurement: Apart from met stations, we also conduct in-situ measurements of currents, waves, tides, using sub-surface moorings or seabed frames
  • Offshore Weather Forecasts: We provide high-quality weather forecasts, including specialised forecasts for typhoons, and other adverse weather
  • On-Site Meteorologist: Our on-site meteorologists have many years of experience in supporting of offshore critical operations in the Asia-Pacific regions
  • Tidal Predictions: We are able to produce predicted tides for anytime and anywhere in the world
  • Metocean Numerical Modelling: We conduct computer modelling of ocean currents, tides, sediment transportation, ocean waves, and atmospheric processes of various scales. We have built a global hindcast metocean database for the past 38 years
  • Metocean Statistical Data: Metocean statistical data, derived from historical weather data, provide references for oil and gas companies operating offshore to determine design parameters and estimate weather downtime due to adverse weather