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                     Trusted Maritime Outsourcing RTBS Group
 Marine Operation Outsource
RTBS is a marine outsourcing company incorporated since 2009 by Dato' Capt. Thum Ban Shii, who believes in the importance of providing quality onshore and offshore outsourcing services to help his clients to leverage their fixed overhead cost
in tough environments.
Marine Surveys
Our team of surveyors and inspectors are able to meet your outsourcing requests for a wide range of surveying, inspection and investigation services.
Statutory Surveys
Our Classification Inspection Bodies are accorded the status of Recognised Organisation (RO) and Recognised Security Organisation (RSO) to perform statutory work in terms of certification and survey functions connected with the issuance of the following international certificates based on the IMO Conventions and Codes.
Consultancy & Manpower Services
We have a wide pool of experienced maritime professionals who will be able to provide services ranging from flag registration, drafting of shipboard manuals, third party ship management and vessel registration and bridge navigation equipments repair.
Established Since 2009 RTBS Group
29 Mandai Estate #07-01 Innovation Place Singapore 729932
Tel: 6509 9118 Fax: 6638 5215 Email: Website:

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