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Dundee Marine & Industrial Services Pte Ltd
14 Pioneer Sector 1, Singapore 628425
Tel: (65) 6861 1866 Fax: (65) 6861 1073
Dundee Marine & Industrial Services Pte Ltd (Dundee Marine) took the first step into the marine and shiprepair industry in 1977. With a modest start out as an engineering subcontractor for shipyards in the early Kallang river scene, juggling afloat repairs at anchorages and offering riding crew services, the company had over the years, gained valuable experience, recognition and a regular pool of local and international clients.
To serve our customers better and provide a “one-stop service” centre, Dundee Marine took a prominent step ahead in 1989 and acquired 14 Pioneer Sector 1, dredged its sea front to more than 5.5 metres depth at zero tide. The largest modern slipway in Singapore was completed in 1994 on the same premise. To date, the company has grown to be a keen competitor in the small to medium sized shipyard scene.
Our mission is to provide dynamic services to meet our present and future client’s requirements efficiently, effectively, cheaply, safely and timely. Commitment to our clients’ schedule is impeccable.
In 2016, we took a big step forward and diversified our business to include aluminium boat building. With our in-house experienced naval architects to take on architectural and marine engineering needs, including design, structural analysis, stability analysis and speed/power analysis of new vessels, we can undertake speciality ship building projects in accordance with classification society requirement. We strive to build top quality vessels, safely, timely and efficiently and cost effectively for our customers. Since then, we have successfully completed, launched and sea trialed 2 units of energy-efficient and fast aluminium crew boats – Shark Series Crew Boats – with a lighter and more streamlined hull form that reduces drag and require lesser energy.
Nature of Business
We specialise in the following services:
• Ship Building & Ship Repair of All Classes and
Vessel Types
• Marine, Offshore, Oil & Gas, Industrial Steel
• Manufacturing of Precision Engineering Parts • Marine, Offshore, Oil & Gas, Industrial
Equipment Supplier • Marine Consultancy
Facilities & Capabilities
• Fully equipped shipyard with all dry docking essentials
• Specifically designed and built to bridge the gap between large scale multi-national shipyards and small scale local owned shipyards
• Slipway:
1 no. 39m x 190m with 2 nos. 13m x 63m cradles
• Office Block with Workshop:
1 no. 60m x 24m with overhead crane
• Workshop:
1 no. 50m x 18m with gantry crane
• Wet Berths: approx. 230m total length • Open yard
• Crawler Cranes:
1 no. 120 tons + 1 no. 135 tons
• Biggest in Singapore (39m x 190m)
• Able to pull vessels up to dry land for repairs
and maintenance
• 24/7 dry, regardless of tide
• Serviced by 1 no. 135 ton crawler crane
• 2 nos. 13m x 63m cradles for vessels up to
95 metres LOA
• 2-storey office block for administrative and design office
• 16m x 18m machine shop for precision machining and fabrication works
• Balance area for aluminum boat building
• 10 tons overhead crane
• Size: 24m x 60m
• Suitable for building 2 boats up of 40 metres
• Built for aluminum boat building
• 15 tons gantry crane
• Modern design with LED lightings for energy
• Size: 50m x 18m
• Suitable for building 1 boat up of 45 metres
• Berthing of vessels for repair and conversion works
• 5.5 metres deep at chart datum
• Total length approx. 230m
• Able to berth more than 15 vessels at 1 time,
depending on vessels’ size
• Serviced by 1 no. 120 tons crawler crane
• Suitable for vessels up to 95 metres length
• 1 of the deeper draft berthing facility in
Singapore for small/medium sized shipyard
• Docking of small boats, lifted to dry land by crawler crane
• Able to dock up to 4 small boats at 1 time
• Fabrication of offshore and marine structures
• Full concrete flooring
Managing Director Tan Siam Weng
Lee Khiok Fong (Mdm)
General Manager Spenser Tan

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