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Worldwide Ship (Southeast Asia) Pte Ltd
Tangshan Worldwide Ship Equipment Co., Ltd.
20 Woodlands Link #06-26 Singapore 738733
Tel: (65) 6484 3515 Fax: (65) 6484 0929
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Strive for Excellence and Excellence
The best solu on for ship desulfuriza on WD-SCRUBBERS CSSC-WD Ship Equipment Group
CSSC-WD is a joint en ty enterprise of Shanghai Zhongchuan NERC-SDT Co., Ltd. and Tangshan Worldwide Ship Equipment Co.,Ltd. It is the group company specializing in R&D, produc on, sales and a er-sales service for matching ship equipment. We respec vely have 66,700 square meters land for produc on base at the port of Caofeidian in north China - Tangshan Worldwide Ship Equipment Co., Ltd., the R&D company at Shanghai - Shanghai Zhongchuan NERC-SDT Co., Ltd., the sales company at Shanghai - Shanghai Worldwide Ship Co., Ltd., the sales and finance company in Hong Kong - HongKong Worldwide Ship Equipment Co. Ltd., and Worldwide Southeast Asia (Pte) Ltd. Singapore.
CSSC-WD focuses on the development, design and upgrading of ship exhaust gas cleaning system to create a more suitable exhaust gas cleaning system for new ships and opera ng ships.
Shanghai Zhongchuan NERC-SDT Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the CSSC. It is a supplier of research, design, integra on and service for the integra on and control system of ship and marine engineering informa on systems. The company is a high-tech enterprise, engaging in the research and development of systems and products closely related to the overall situa on. It has obvious advantages of overall and market pla orm. Its technical direc on is devoted to the informa za on, automa on and intellectualiza on of ships, ocean engineering and new-type naval equipment. It has strong overall integrated design ability and informa za on development ability of ship products. It independently develops comprehensive technology of products. It has been widely used in all kinds of high-tech ships, ocean engineering and new-type ships independently developed by our country. It has made outstanding contribu ons to the development of na onal ocean engineering and ships.
Shanghai Zhongchuan NERC-SDT Co., Ltd. has a professional and technical team mainly composed of young and middle-aged technicians, 16 researchers and senior engineers, and 2 master’s tutors. It has obtained dozens of so ware copyrights, inven on patents, and u lity model patents.
Tangshan Worldwide Ship Equipment Co., Ltd. has a professional R&D team, including 2 doctoral tutors, 1 master tutor, 1 senior captain, 1 senior chief engineer, 3 senior engineers, 15 engineers, and established the long-term coopera ve rela onship with 3 famous universi es in China, which provides the solid founda on and necessary technical support for the development, op miza on and loading of the ship exhaust gas cleaning system (EGCS), and obtained a number of inven on patents, u lity model patents, so ware copyright and science and technology progress awards. The technical team has separately developed a ship exhaust gas con nuous emission monitoring system (CEMS), a washing water monitoring system (WWMS), and an EGCS automa c control system with independent intellectual property rights. And passed the test of the ship equipment tes ng center of the 704 Research Ins tute of CSIC. Obtained the product type approval cer ficates of China Classifica on Society and several foreign classifica on socie es.
At present, our company’s “Exhaust Gas Cleaning System (EGCS)” has obtained the following classifica ons’ AiP cer fica on: ABS, LR, DNVGL, BV. And CCS issued the cer ficates of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001.
The EGCS produced by our company has with outstanding advantages of sophis cated design, precise produc on, reasonable installa on, scien fic debugging and automa c control, and has with outstanding advantages of environmental protec on, economy and prac cality. It is fully compliant with the requirements of IMO regula ons, equivalent sulphur content of FO less than 0.5% (or less than 0.1% in restricted areas). It is more convenience for the daily use and rou ne maintenance of EGCS.
Our company has established the global a er-sales service network based on OMS (Ocean Marine Service), which can provide technical support and maintenance at more than 50 major ports in various countries.
Choosing CSSC -WD EGCS produced by our company shall be to protect the Blue Sky, Ocean, and Benefit Future Genera ons.

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