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Chugoku Marine Paints (Singapore) Pte Ltd
22 Tuas Street, Singapore 638459
Tel (65) 6861 6500 Fax (65) 6861 3002
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Since it was founded, Chugoku Marine Paints, Ltd. has been taking a unique approach in the industry to develop core products for marine paints and also paints for industrial applications. We keep developing and advancing with the help of strong customer confidence and achievements obtained locally and internationally for our paints developed through our consistent and sincere attitude as well as our global services network. As we are a supplier to key industries such as shipping, ship building, electric power, steel, construction and woodworking industries, our role and contribution can be vital to the growth of the industrial world in many aspects. Also, our efforts have been based in the ideal of maintaining harmony between man and nature.
Chugoku Marine Paints, Ltd., as “a leading company developing to harmonize man with nature” seeks to promote industrial growth while protecting the global environment, and continues its efforts into the future with a creative and innovative approach towards meeting customers’ needs.
CMP’s worldwide network, supported by its achievements and the trust of its clients.
CMP, having started its career in the business of marine coatings, has put the greatest focus on developing a system that can always offer its service all over the world. And now, supported by trust from customers and achievements, we have established a worldwide network, which can provide its services such as manufacture, supply, sale and technical cooperation for marine paints, paints for container, wood, etc. at about 80 places in 30 countries, CMP aims
toimproveitselfasaglobalcompanyand upgradeitsservicethroughgatheringawide rangeofinformation,informationanalysisand informationserviceandalsobyexchanging information among its organic coalition with group companies and partners and expanding its factories.
Facilities & Capabilities
Marine Paints
• Tanker
• BulkCarrier
• CargoCarrier
• ProductCarrier
• CarCarrier
• PassengerShip
• FerryBarge
• FishingBoat
• PleasureBoat
• OffshoreStructures • PortFacilities
• FishingNet
Heavy Duty Coatings, Container Coatings & Wood Coatings
• Paint
• Tank
• SteelFrame
• Bridge
• Chimney
• Electric Power Plant
• SluiceGate
• Sito
• SwimmingPool
• WaterPipe
• WaterTank
• Container
• GalvanisedSurface
• AluminiumSash
• NoncombustibleStructure
• Vehicles
• Railway
• ConcreteSurface
• Fence, Door and Gate
• Houses, School, Gymnasium
• Floor
• Plywood of Interior and Exterior • WoodenFurniture
• LacquerWare
• HouseholdBuddhistAltar
• Mold for Plywood
• PrecoatedPaper
• Uni-bath
• Others
Managing Director
Mr Yuichiro Nagakawa
Marine & General Marketing Division
General Manager Mr Sam Wee
Senior Manager
Mr Shingo Yamanaka
Marine & Container Division
Assistant General Manager Mr C L Koay
Industrial Division
Assistant General Manager Mr S T Wong
Senior Manager Mr Jungo Ishiyama

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