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Heatex Industrial Technology Pte Ltd
Block 4026 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 1 #01-257, Singapore 569637 Tel (65) 6842 7901, (65) 6842 7079 Fax (65) 6842 1410
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At HEATEX Industrial Technology Pte Ltd, we have a variety of high performance Fire-Resistant & Insulation Materials to meet different industries’ thermal insulation and  re safety needs.
Our materials are commonly used in  re & welding protection, expansion joint, pipe insulation, high temperature gasketing, lagging, jacketing & acoustics in building, power plants, metal industries, chemical process plants, re neries, automotive, shipbuilding and aerospace industries.
Apart from materials supply, we are also able to provide customization of removal insulation jackets, expansion joints and welding curtains that are required in shipbuilding or repair, and process plant during periodic maintenance.
With years of industrial knowledge and experience, we have earned our credibility through constant improvements and providing quality yet cost-effective products & services to our customers.
Nature of Business
Materials Supply:
• Fiberglass: Fabric/ Tape/ Rope/ Mat/ Tubing/
• Ceramic Fiber: Fabric/ Tape/ Rope/ Paper/
• Silica: Fabric/ Tape/ Thread/ Mat
• PTFE Fiberglass Fabrics
• Aluminized Fiberglass Fabrics
• Fire Resistant Silicone Fabrics
• Thermal Insulation Roll and Slab
• Bulkhead and Deck Insulation Roll
and Slab
• Insulation Pins, Washers and Accessories
Product Categories & Applications
• Fabric
Heatex fabrics provide excellent heat and  re protection suitable to be used in fabricating removable insulation pads, pillows, jacketing, acoustical,  ange, expansion joints, lagging,  re curtains,  re blankets, welding blankets and safety shields.
Our fabrics are soft and  exible even though they are tightly woven and compact to provide high
tensile strength to weight ratios. When exposed to heat, our fabrics which are incombustible neither emits  ame nor toxic products.
• Rope & Lagging
Heatex Non-Abestos Rope/lagging provides excellent thermal insulation and sealing alternative to replace asbestos based insulation materials. Our Rope and Lagging are of excellent quality which do not shrink or expand easily during operation and most importantly they are incombustible, suitable for high temperature applications and seal for  re-rated doors.
Common Applications: Boiler, Oven, Furnaces, Fire Doors, Wood Stove Doors and Pipes Insulation.
• Tape
Heatex Tape is incombustible, high tensile strength to weight ratios and, comes in various thickness and width catering to different customers’ needs.
Our Tapes are used in areas where thermal insulation &  re protection and energy conservation are required.
We have various types of tapes for different application as follows
• Lagging for exhaust pipe, oven or boiler door
• Fire and heat protection wrap for cables and
• Use as a composite reinforcement material for
pipe and tank repair
• Tapes with opening in the middle for bolts to
• For sealing where limited bolting force is
available and where gasket must conform to uneven surfaces.
• Wool, Mat and Blanket
- Glasswool,CeramicWool,Silica,Rockwoolfor Building and Marine thermal insulation
- Class A Bulkhead and Deckhead Slab and Blanket Roll
Customized removal Insulation jacketing
Heatex thermal insulation jackets are  exible, removal and reusable. Our jackets not only provide personnel protection from risks of burn, they also help to conserve energy by reducing heat loss in the system. The jackets can be designed for indoor or outdoor applications as we have materials which have waterproo ng and chemical resistance property. Our jackets can be customized according to client’s dimension and operating temperature.
Our jackets are commonly made for instrumentation, valves,  anges, elbow, pumps, engine manifold and pipe systems that require periodic maintenance.
Safety Products
• Fire Blanket
1.2 X 1.2 M (4 x 4 ft) 1.2 X 1.8 M (4 X 6 ft) 1.8 X 1.8 M (6 X 6 ft)
• Fire-retardant Welding Curtain
• Welding & Heat Protection PPE - AluminizedApron
- Aluminized Jacket
- Aluminized Sleeve
- Aluminized Shoes Cover - High Temp Gloves
Sales Contacts
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