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With the ever growing demand for lashing equipment, ISS Equipment undertook the method of manufacturing our own equipment, to provide for our customer with quality yet cost effective products. Today, we are considered one of the few biggest stockists on lashing equipment for both fixed and loose fittings, providing to vessels of all sizes and shipyards for conversion projects.

Fixed Fittings
• D-Ring
• Lashing Plate (Single/Double)
• Base Double Longitudinal Socket
• Base Double Transversal Socket
• Base Single Socket
• Dovetail Double Socket
• Dovetail Single Socket
• Flush Cross Bar Socket
• Flush Double Longitudinal Socket
• Flush Single Bar
• Flush Single Socket
• Hatch Cover Lifting Socket
• Raised Foundation Double Socket
• Raised Foundation Single Socket

Loose Fittings
• Bridge Fitting (Compression)
• Bridge Fitting (Tension)
• Base Sliding Locking Cone
• Base Stacking Single Cone
• Stacking Double Cone
• Stacking Single Cone
• Elephant Foot
• Lashing Chain Hook
• Lashing Chain Tensioner
• Fixed Head Lashing Rod
• Movable Head Lashing Rod
• Extension Rod
• Knob Extension
• Knob Head Lashing Rod
• Sliding Adapter
• Spacer
• Automatic Stacker
• Equalising Stacker
• Safety Stacker
• Tension Pressure Element
• Hook-Hook Open Turnbuckle
• Hook-Jaw Open Turnbuckle
• Knob-Jaw Open Turnbuckle
• Base Longitudinal Twistlock (55 degree)
• Base Longitudinal Twistlock (45 degree)
• Base Transversal Twistlock
• Intermediate Twistlock
• Semi-Automatic Twistlock
• Actuator Pole for Twistlock (Gala)
• Twistlock Bin
• Flat Rack
• Container Spare Parts

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CRN/UEN: 199600023D

23 Gul Avenue
Singapore 629663

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Mr Michael T S Teo, Managing Director
Ms Wendy Leong, General Manager
Mr Kevin Lim, Manager
Mr Steven Lee, Sales Executive
Ms Joelyn Tan, Sales Assistant

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