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A hoist is an industrial device made for lifting which uses either a rope, wire, belt or chain to lift and manoeuvre a load. Hoists are secured to lifting equipment like cranes. Some services provided by companies include but are not exhausted to supplying of equipment and industrial radio control, emergency services, load testing, lifting solutions and custom engineered solutions.

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ITL Hardware & Engineering Supplies Pte Ltd – 21-years old wholesaler/distributor/importer/exporter of hardware products/supplier of decks & engine stores is now into various brands: Hitachi; Bosch; Makita; Teryair; Fujishin; Nitto; Ireno; Elora; Richter;… More

Entrepot Marketing Pte Ltd was incorporated in 1984. Since February 1996, we have been accredited the ISO 9001 Quality Management System, which help us maintain and improve quality standard our customers enjoy. Our principal activities include representing… More