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Winches are devises that are used for adjusting the tension of ropes by winding up or winding out. Simple winches comprise just a spool and an attached hand crank. However, winches that are part of machines such as towing and mooring systems come in a variety of designs, powered by various drives such as internal combustion, pneumatic, hydraulic or electric. Some include mechanical brakes, solenoid… More

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Entrepot Marketing Pte Ltd was incorporated in 1984. Since February 1996, we have been accredited the ISO 9001 Quality Management System, which help us maintain and improve quality standard our customers enjoy. Our principal activities include representing… More

MEP is a leading one-stop Systems Provider of Anchoring, Towing and Mooring Systems for the Marine and Offshore industry.   We specialise in the customised Design Engineering and Manufacture of equipment: • MORDEC Deck Machineries • MORDEC Cranes • MORDEC… More