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A Member of the Sime Darby Group
6 Jurong Pier Road
Singapore 619158

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Ms Doreen Wan, Operations Manager


Nature of Business

  • Admiralty International Chart Agent/Digital Distributor
  • Official chart agent for Maritime Port Authority, NIMA/NOAA (USA) Royal Australian Navy, Royal New Zealand Navy and Japan Hydrographic Association
  • Complete range of charts with worldwide coverage in stock
  • Electronic charting and display systems (ECDIS)
  • Novaco digital notices to mariners and tracings (e-NTM/NTM)
  • MARINESAT Communications
  • Wide range of nautical books including those published by IMO, HMSO, ITU, ICS/OCIMF, Fairplay, Witherby, Brown's, Shipping Guides, Lloyd's of London Press, Nautical Institute, etc
  • Efficient worldwide delivery
  • Automatic new edition supply and ship's charts corrections
  • Computerised tracking and management of ship's charts
  • Customised ship's inventory and corrections reports
  • eBooks including seamanship library
  • Wide range of marine and navigational equipment
  • GPS receivers
  • Electronic digital compasses
  • Plastimo marine compasses
  • Tamaya calculators and sextants
  • Binoculars, clocks, chronometers and barometers, etc
  • Electronic Navigation Chart (ENC)
  • Marine software, ECS Software, ECS Office, Navi-Planner & Navi-Pilot
  • Training/simulation systems
  • AIS receiver/transponders
  • IMO safety posters & signs
  • AVCS
  • ARCS
  • ADP (Admiralty Digital Publications) - TotalTide, Digital List of lights & Digital Radio Signals
  • e-NPs Digital Publications

Products & Services