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Foster Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
21 Gul Avenue Jurong Town, Singapore 629661
Tel: (65) 6861 6611 Fax: (65) 6861 0222
Email:, Website:
  Your One-Stop Company For All Your Insulation Needs
Established in 1977 as an engineering services company specialised in thermal insulation material and contracting business.
Foster Asia Pacific Pte Ltd incorporated in 1993 and achieved “ISO 9001” and OHSAS 18001 certification is a Total Insulation Solution provider with associate companies within ASEAN region. The company is located at No. 21 Gul Avenue, Jurong Town with a warehouse at No. 15 Second Chin Bee Road and occupies a total floor area of 10,000 m2. It encompasses the main building, warehouse, manufacturing and fabrication workshop. The company undertakes the following services:
Sales & Marketing Division:
Marketing and sales of all thermal insulation products.
Manufacturing & Logistics Division:
Manufacturing and fabrication of thermal insulation products.
Engineering & Contracts Division:
Provide design, supply & installation of insulation works.
At Foster, we are committed to provide our customers exceptional value with total service in Quality Excellence, Competitiveness and On Time Delivery.
Quality Policy
Foster to be a market leader in Thermal Insulation & Building Materials Business. Organized and ever ready to comply with challenging requirements of customer. Safety and health is vital in our work environment.
Total commitment towards Customer Satisfaction.
Ensure the quality objectives are sustained through total employees involvement. Reliability and continual improvement of the quality, occupational, health and safety assessment system.
Insulation Products
KCC Hi-Wool Marine Slab
- For A60 bulk & deck head
ProRox W/M & Pipe Cover
- For marine insulation with DNV certification
Foster Fiberglass Blanket, Slab & Pipe Cover - For general insulation
Isolite Ceramic Fiber Blanket, Board, Modular, Paper Rope & Tape
- For boiler, furnace & oven
Foslite Calcium Silicate Slab & Pipe Cover - For steam & hot insulation
Owens Corning Foamglas Slab & Pipe Cover - For hot & cold insulation
Polyurethane & Polyisocynurate Slab & Pipe Cover - For cold insulation
Phenolic Slab & Pipe Cover - For cold insulation
Fiberglass Fabric, Rope & Tape
- For product finishing & mattress insulation
Aluminium Foil & Tape
- For finishing & lamination of insulation
Foster Mastic, Coating & Adhesive Compound - For pipe work application
Fastener & Accessories
- Insulation pin & glue, lock washer, lacing
hook & toggle latch
Foster Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Tel: (65) 6861 6611 Fax: (65) 6861 0222
Mr Adrian Yeo
Tel: (65) 6861 6611/6431 8228 Mobile: (65) 8788 4059
Sale Manager
Mr Benjamin Mah
Tel: (65) 6861 6611/6431 8225
Mobile: (65) 9670 0193
Division Manager - E&C
Mr Edwin Chang
Tel: (65) 6861 6611 (12 lines) Mobile: (65) 9068 0246

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