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Keppel Offshore & Marine Ltd
50 Gul Road, Singapore 629351
Tel: (65) 6863 7200 Fax: (65) 6261 7719 Website:
  Keppel Offshore & Marine (Keppel O&M) is a world leader in providing total solutions to the offshore, marine and energy industries. Bolstered by a global network of yards and offices, it has extensive know-how across a wide range of capabilities – design & engineering, new builds, conversions & repairs, and support services.
A pioneer in offshore solutions, Keppel O&M has a strong track record in designing and building high-performance offshore platforms, production units and specialised ships. It is a trusted partner in the conversion, repair and modification of diverse and complex rigs and vessels and is also a developer of integrated solutions for the offshore renewable and infrastructure industries.
Backed by robust operational excellence, Keppel O&M innovates and leverages new technologies to deliver projects on time, on budget, safely, reliably, and to the highest quality.
Yard Facilities & Capabilities
Pioneer and Crescent Yard
50 Gul Road Singapore 629351
Pioneer Zone (area):
• 280,000 sq m
Pioneer Zone II (area):
• 140,000 sq m
Crescent Zone (area):
• 93,000 sq m
Dry Dock:
• Admiral Dock (400,000 dwt) • 380m x 80m x 13m
Outfit Quay:
• 1120m long, 8-11m water depth (zero tide)
Total covered shops:
• 42,500 sq m
Total open fabrication area:
• 14,900 sq m
Floating cranes:
• Asian Hercules II, 3,200T • Asian Hercules III, 5,000T • Asian Helping Hand, 400T
Other cranes:
• Goliath Gantry Crane, 500T & 700T (100m span x 53m to 59m hook height)
• More than 40 mobile and overhead cranes of various descriptions and capacities of up to 300T
Blasting facilities:
• 9 x enclosed blasting and painting halls of between 1,680 sq m and 1,800 sq m
Cutting facilities:
• CNC Cutting machines equipped with oxy-fuel triple rotating cutting torches
• CNC Underwater plasma cutting machines
Tuas Yard
51 Pioneer Sector 1 Singapore 628437 Yard size: 443,423 sq m
Berthage: 2,507m
Tuas Drydock • 360,000 dwt • 350m x 66m
Raffles Drydock • 400,000 dwt • 400m x 64m
Temasek Drydock • 150,000 dwt
• 301m x 52m
Benoi Yard
15 Benoi Road Singapore 629888 Yard size: 350,000 sq m Berthage: 1,737m
No.1 Drydock • 300,000 dwt • 350m x 60m
No.2 Drydock • 170,000 dwt • 300m x 60m
Gul Yard
55 Gul Road Singapore 629353 Yard size: 140,000 sq m Berthage: 530m
No.1 Floating Dock • 14,000 LT
• 190m x 32m
No.2 Floating Dock • 5,000 LT
• 114m x 27m
No.3 Floating Dock • 12,000 LT
• 170m x 27m
New Builds
Managing Director Mr Tan Leong Peng
Senior General Manager, Business Development (Gas, Specialised Vessels)
Mr Ivan Lim
Deputy General Manager, Business Development Ms Wong Xinyi
Conversions & Repairs
Managing Director Mr Chor How Jat
General Manager, Commercial (Repair) Mr Chin Sze Kiun
General Manager, Commercial (Conversion) Mr Tey Wee Hong
General Manager, Gas Projects Mr Melvyn Lee

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